• Flexible

    At NY Brite we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach to house cleaning - every cleaning service is tailored to your exact needs. We know that your time is very valuable – that is why we are flexible about scheduling cleaning appointments, type of service and type of cleaning supplies you would like to use.
  • Managed by Women

    NY Brite is owned and operated by women – and we are very proud of that. As a women we have different approach – to life, relationships and also business. We strongly believe that our company is an organic, living, breathing thing, not just an income and balance sheets.
  • Pet Friendly

    We consider your pets as part of your family and we are sensitive to their needs. That is why we take great care to minimize the stress that an animal endures when a stranger enters their home with our pet friendly home cleaning.
  • Green

    The purpose of Green cleaning is to eliminate unnecessary and harmful chemicals from your home and from the air you breathe. At NY Brite we have sought out non-toxic cleaners that are are biodegradable and not harmful for the environment.