5 Tips for Back-To-School Cleanup

Posted by NYBMain 08/29/2019
Mom cleaning up the kids room Isn’t it great having your kids around for summer vacation? Family activities, trips and just more quality time with the little ones. But having the kids spending more time at home can get a little chaotic, and now that they’re headed back to school, you probably have a bit of a mess to clean up! Here are NY Brite’s top 5 tips for cleaning up and preparing for the new school year:

Organize the childrens’ rooms

It’s always easiest to clean once you get the clutter out of the way. With the kids back in school, this is your opportunity to make a fresh start in their rooms. Organize clothing, books and toys. Get rid of clothing that no longer fits and other belongings that are damaged or outgrown. Donate anything in good shape to your favorite charity.

Put away the summer stuff

Bathing suits, pool and beach toys, flip flops, outdoor toys – Clean and put away in labeled bins for next summer. Wipe down inflatable pool toys with a little white vinegar – this cleans them without the need for harsh chemicals that can damage them. Note the sizes on the kids’ clothing and make a note of anything they’re likely to outgrow by next summer.

Clean the carpets and upholstery

Upholstered furniture and carpeting tends to hold odors, dust and pollen. Rent a steam cleaner or hire a professional cleaning service to revive your sofa, chairs and carpets and leave them smelling fresh and clean.

Clean out your car

So what’s lurking in your car after a busy summer of family outings? Juice boxes? Snack wrappers? Enough sand to start a private beach? Take some time over the next few weeks to get your vehicle back to adult mode. Throw out the trash, remove unnecessary items, reorganize items you do keep in the car. The the real cleaning – vacuum the entire interior, especially under the seats. Wipe down window sills, dashboard, consoles, etc.

Cleanup the kids’ homework area

Whether your kids do their homework at the kitchen table or at a desk in their room, a clean, clutter-free space that’s free of distractions will help them do their best work. Declutter, then dust, remove any sticky / grimy dirt and wipe down work sufaces. There! You’re all set for Fall and the new school year. Does your busy life gets in the way of cleaning your New York home or office as well as you’d like? Call NY Brite for a free cleaning estimate. Our professional cleaning teams can take care of all of your cleaning needs, giving you back more valuable time to spend with your family.