Tips For Tackling Spring Fever

Posted by NYBMain 05/01/2018
springtime When the temps finally start rising, the flowers start blooming and days get longer, do you find yourself feeling more restless than usual? Or having a sudden urge to clean? You may have caught spring fever: "The feeling of restlessness or excitement felt at the start of spring". Scientists say the spike in restlessness and urge to clean are the result of changes in hormone levels because of increased exposure to sunlight, fresh air, and bare skin. Put your spring fever to good use by topping up those cleaning supplies, cleaning out the clutter and getting organized. Start by wiping out your fridge, vacuuming under the bed, shaking out the rugs and destroying all those dust mites and stubborn stains. Then use these tips to feed that fever and bring in the spring:

Purge your closet.

Nothing says spring awakening like a good closet purge. We all have them, clothes hanging deep in the closet that we thought we'd wear, but never do. The general rule is if you haven’t worn it in the past year, get rid of it.

Clean out your pantry.

You may not realize how many items in your pantry have expired. Go through your canned goods and spices and throw away what’s out of date. It’s also a good time to label your shelves and organize them by food groups.

Touch up time.

Keep your place looking fresh as a flower, do a clean sweep of your home or office and look for chipped paint, stains and anything in need of repair. Hit them with some touch-up paint, carpet cleaner or TLC. It won’t take much time but it’ll make a great impact.

Trash. Sell. Donate.

Lighten the load and free up your living space by gathering anything that you don’t need or use and organize into Trash, Sell and Donate piles. This helps clear out the clutter that has collected over the years and makes it easier to find things in your everyday life. Need a hand keeping up with your NYC office, condo, co-op or apartment? NY Brite provides professional cleaning and maid services throughout NYC, including in Manhattan, Brooklyn Heights, Williamsburg, Long Island City and Astoria. Trusted by some of the city’s most demanding clientele, NY Brite’s licensed and professionally trained cleaners have served the commercial and residential cleaning needs of New Yorkers for over 28 years. Call 1-800-682-7483 or click here to request a free cleaning estimate, you’ll be so glad you did.