Deep House Cleaning: Heavy Duty Housecleaning for your NY Home or Apartment

Posted by NYBMain 12/11/2020
deep clean nyc
Looking to refresh your living space? Planning to sell your house? Or perhaps you're gearing up for the holidays or a special occasion? Our professional New York Deep Cleaning Service could be the perfect solution. NY Brite offers an extensive deep cleaning service tailored for those moving into a new residence, getting their home market-ready, or simply preparing for guests, special events, or festive occasions. We also advise scheduling a deep clean before initiating regular housekeeping routines.

Your safety is our top priority!
Learn how NY Brite is protecting our customers from COVID-19 during cleaning visits.

What exactly does deep house cleaning mean?

Deep house cleaning is a comprehensive single-session service aimed at thoroughly refreshing your living space. It involves meticulous attention to areas requiring intensive cleaning, such as shower door residue, lighting fixtures, and the interiors of appliances. This service also encompasses tasks beyond the scope of regular, routine cleaning visits.

How does deep cleaning differ from regular cleaning?

In contrast to routine cleaning, deep cleaning is a robust and intensive process. Our expert team meticulously tends to every corner of your home, focusing on intricate details and areas prone to buildup. This includes tasks like scrubbing shower doors, meticulously vacuuming all carpet and furniture crevices, deep cleaning appliances inside and out, and individually tending to knick-knacks. The outcome? Your home will be left immaculate, showcasing its best from ceiling to floor.

When is deep cleaning the optimal choice for your home?

Deep cleaning proves to be the ideal solution in several scenarios:

They did a fantastic deep clean. $80/ hr. We have a 2Bd/2Ba apartment. They also cleaned the fridge, oven & microwave; $220 all together. And no gross cleaner smells because they use all natural cleaning products. :)

- Alisha S. (Google)

Highly recommended! I recently used NY Brite cleaning services for a deep clean of my apartment. This was the second time I used their services. Their cleaners were very punctual and friendly. Not only they did an amazing cleaning but also they organized the apartment without throwing out anything valuable. I really liked their apartment cleaning services. Thank you!

- Maude J (Citysearch)

What services are included in a thorough deep cleaning?

Our professional deep cleaning service offers a range of additional tasks to ensure a comprehensive clean:

In the Kitchen:

  • Thoroughly scrub and disinfect sinks
  • Clean the range hood and grease filter
  • Polish and sanitize appliances
  • Deep clean appliance interiors
  • Freshen up the microwave
  • Address any spots on doors and frames, while wiping down baseboards and window sills
  • Clean the interiors of cabinets and drawers
  • Handle dishwashing if required
  • Sanitize garbage bins

In the Bathroom:

  • Give extra attention to cleaning the shower door
  • Scrub the tile grouting
  • Address spots on doors and frames, while wiping down baseboards and window sills
  • Sanitize wastebaskets
  • Clean both the interior and exterior of vanities
  • Freshen up the interior of medicine cabinets

In Living Rooms, Dens & Bedrooms:

  • Dust ceiling fans and clean lamp shades and light fixtures
  • Wipe down baseboards, window sills, and ledges
  • Individually clean knick-knacks and dust picture frames
  • Vacuum carpet crevices and furniture
  • Clean glass tables
  • Polish and rejuvenate furniture

I just used NY Brite for a deep clean of the apartment. Booking over email was incredibly easy. Excellent service, Friendly and prompt staff.! Definitely going to try to set up future appointments too for apartment cleaning with these guys.

- Gary S. (Citysearch)

Learn more about NY Brite’s moving cleaning services, or give us a call at 1-800-682-7483 for more information on Deep Cleaning Services, or to get a quote!