Organize Your Home & Family For Back-To-School Success

Posted by NYBMain 08/29/2020

family back to school

The quick close of summer and abrupt thrust back-to-school can send even the most organized parent into a tailspin. Use these tips to get your household routine back on track and make mornings, school days and mealtimes easier for the entire family.

Keep The Family Posted

To help establish morning and bedtime routines experts recommend having a family command center with illustrated checklists proudly displayed on the wall for the younger ones and at-a-glance planners for the older ones. This helps teach time management by encouraging them to think first, think smart and think ahead. Use the checklist in the a.m. to make getting out the door easier and avoid things being forgotten at home. Have them check the board after school to keep the homework routine on track and at night to help prepare for the next day. Including tasks like picking out their clothes, taking a bath and brushing their teeth will give them a sense of responsibility and help them settle into the school year quicker.

Bring In The Kids

Get back into a cleaning routine by getting the kids involved. Make checklists of chores and use a reward system to help incentivize them. Tasks for kids 4-6 years old may include Daily toy cleanup, clothes pickup and help to set the table. Kids 7-9 years old can take on a daily clean sweep of their coat, backpack and shoes. As well as making the bed, feeding the pets and helping to clear the table after dinner. Kids 10-13 years old can lend a hand by taking on the responsibility of emptying the dishwasher, folding laundry and taking out the garbage.

Steam The Summer Dirt Away

During the busy summer months, pollen and dust mites have a way of building up inside and around your home. Whether you see them or not, they are no laughing matter. They invade your space and live rent-free in corners, under beds, in mattresses, curtains, upholstery and areas that are hard to reach with a vacuum, broom or duster. Put the hurt on this summer dirt by having the soft areas of your home sanitized with a good steam clean. For more info on tackling dust mites read: Managing Dust Bunnies In Your Manhattan Home or Office.

Keep A Stash of School Supplies

Avoid last minute runs for poster board and prevent late-night project freak-outs by always keeping an inventory of the most needed school supplies on hand. This includes pencils, paper, poster board, markers, glue, scissors, folders, highlighters, index cards, notebooks and binders. New school year doesn't always equal new backpack. Good backpacks are built to last. Most (but not all) can be freshened and upcycled into another school year with a simple run through a regular washing machine. Check the care label for instructions specific to your bag and read more info: The Secret Science Of Backpack Cleaning.

Tame The Clothes Monster

Nothing says school days better than back-to-school clothes. Reduce the stress of getting dressed for school by taking time to purge and organize your child’s closet. If you are like most parents, you won't need to look too deep before finding a basket full of clothes too small for them to wear, as well as pieces that are just too worn out for them to wear to school. Purge and donate outgrown clothing and items your child no longer needs. Use closet organizers to maximize your space and separate clothing into shirts, pants, sweaters, etc. Try adding a hanging organizer and label for each day of the week. Use it to plan and organize outfits for the week ahead. Here's more tips for Taming Your Clothes Closet.

Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Help

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