Cleaning Supplies List

Posted by NYBMain 05/17/2013


General cleaning supplies & equipment (click links for recommended options): Glass cleaner •All purpose spray cleaner (Fantastik / 409 / etc.) •Bathroom cleaner (Soft Scrub / Comet Gel / Ajax / etc.) •Tile cleaner (Tilex) •Furniture Polish (Pledge / Endust / etc.) •General surface & floor cleaner (Mr. Clean / Simple clean / Spic & Span / etc.) •Wood floors & surfaces (Murphy’s Oil Soap) •Dishwasher detergent •Dishwashing liquid •Stainless Steel Polish •Silver / brass polish •1-2 rolls of Paper towels (we recommend Bounty) •Dusting rags •Sponges •Nylon scrubbing pads •Scrubbing brash •Toilet brush •Rubber gloves •Mop & Bucket •Broom & Dust pan •Vacuum cleaner & bags (for most apartments we recommend using Eureka Mighty Mite canister vacuum cleaner, using MM Style bags)
Laundry & ironing* (If washing machine is located outside of your apartment, please provide laundry bag or basket. If you have a few loads, please also provide a cart.) •Laundry detergent •Fabric softener •Bleach •Quarters / laundry card •Iron •Starch spray For Oven Cleaning* •Brillo pads or SOS pads – for scrubbing the inside & outside of the stove (not for Stainless Steel surfaces). Also for scrubbing racks, and pots & pans. •Oven cleaner (spray/liquid)- for cleaning baked-on grease on the inside of regular ovens and baked-on grease on oven racks (not for self-cleaning ovens). •Paper towels •Rubber gloves •Floor protector (Large heavy trash bags / Plastic cover) •Rags •Sponges *These services must be specified when scheduling your appointment.