NY Brite – COVID-19 Safety Precautions

At NY Brite, keeping our team and customers healthy and safe is our #1 priority. Our cleaning team is COVID-19 trained and equipped, to provide the safest, most reliable sanitization and cleaning services for your home, office, or commercial space.

As NYC’s most trusted commercial and residential cleaning service provider for over 31 years, you can count on our experienced professional cleaning teams to maintain the highest safety protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Here’s what to expect at your NY Brite cleaning:

  1. The NY Brite office  is sanitized and disinfected every morning and end-of-day
  2. Prior to our arrival: Each team member performs a PPE change, changing into fresh clothes, shoes, mask and gloves.
  3. Upon arrival: Cleaning equipment and supplies are thoroughly disinfected before entry.
  4. We call or text you from outside to provide you ample time to unlock the entry and distance yourself.
  5. Before we enter, We ask you to choose a room or area for seclusion- our team will avoid that location.
  6. We will maintain at least  6′ social distance during our visit and refrain from touching pets.
  7. Based on your needs and requests, we will provide enhanced cleaning to effectively disinfect high-touch hard surfaces.
  8. Upon completion, we will announce that we are finished cleaning and depart.
  9. PPE will be safely removed outside the area, following established guidelines.

If you have special instructions or requests for cleaning, you’re welcome to provide details over the phone, or just leave a note inside your door with any special requests.

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