Some Interesting Facts about Office Cleaning

Posted by NYBMain 06/14/2013
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Is your office clean? Do you dread going to office because of the unclean washrooms and cafeteria? Nobody can work in unclean surroundings. Since we spend most of our waking time in our offices, it therefore becomes almost impossible to work in an office which is not clean. Here are some interesting facts about office cleanliness that you need to know –

  • Diseases can be transmitted through different carriers and 25% of water coolant buttons are considered serious risk for the transmission of various diseases.

  • Believe it or not, but office desks are found to be more than 400% times dirtier than a toilet seat.

  • Owing to their frequency of use by different people, office telephones have approximately 25000 germs per square inch.

  • Bacteria count increases by up to 31% each day on those surfaces which are not disinfected.

  • If you thought that washroom tap handles were hygienic, they are not. 75% of washroom tap handles spread various contagious diseases.

Cleanliness in offices is a major issue as nearly 98% of the employees are affected by major or minor contagious diseases owing to unclean office surroundings. We are living in an age where geographical and cultural boundaries of trade have vanished. Office illness is a cause of absenteeism that leads to loss of productivity. A loss in productivity means an advantage to your competitors. To ensure that your business is not affected, it is crucial to keep the office clean by hiring office cleaning companies who can take care of all aspects of office cleaning. Hire the best office cleaning company and make your office a healthy haven for your employees.

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