Tips for Taming Your Clothes Closet

Posted by NYBMain 06/07/2018
closet If you live in a small 1 bedroom or studio apartment in  Manhattan, you probably know by now that efficient use of closet space is a must. But even if you live in a big house with plenty of storage, sooner or later the size of your wardrobe will tend to outgrow the available space. Here are five tips for organizing your clothes closet and making the best use of the storage space you have.

Regularly get rid of items you don't wear

If you do nothing else, this one step will go a long way towards helping you manage space. Go through your clothing, shoes and accessories periodically. A good time to do this is when you change over from your winter to summer wardrobe or vice versa. Make three piles:
  • Items you’re keeping
  • Items that are in poor condition – throw these out.
  • Items that are in good-to-excellent condition. Have a yard / garage sale, or donate them to your favorite charity. If you donate to charity, make sure you get a receipt.
Ever buy something you never get around to wearing? Another option for items that are new with tags, unworn and/or in excellent condition, is selling them at an online auction site like eBay. Designer clothing, shoes and accessories are always in demand and are good candidates for selling online. This is also a great opportunity to actually clean your closet! Vacuum the floor, dust the shelves, replace closet fresheners.

Install a closet organizer system

These systems are designed to make clever and versatile use of existing closet space and are one of the smartest investments you can make. . You can buy a closet system and DIY or you can hire a specialist to design and install a custom closet solution. Tip: Shoes can take over closet space very quickly! At the very minimum, install shoe racks if you have more than a couple of pairs.

Hang as much as you can

Drawers are notorious for making it hard to find what you’re looking for. Despite your best intentions, all it takes is one desperate scramble to find that favorite top when you're in a hurry, and their contents can quickly become rumpled and messy. Hang as many items as you have room to hang - especially anything you wear frequently.

Group and Organize

Group items in your closet by theme or color:
  • the items you wear most
  • items you often wear together
  • items with a similar purpose (work, casual, going out)
  • items of a similar color.

Make sure your closets have plenty of light

It goes without saying that having sufficient light in your closets makes it much faster and easier to find what you’re looking for! Battery operated LED lights are inexpensive, versatile, and easy to install.

We hope you found these organizational tips helpful! If you need help with cleaning your New York City home, office or apartment, contact NY Brite for a free quote. We offer flexible cleaning plans, and have been serving customers throughout NYC, including Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, for over 31 years.