5 Cleaning Tasks to Get You Ready for Spring

Posted by NYBMain 02/27/2021
There are some cleaning chores that you only need to do once or twice a year.  Late February or early March, while you’re waiting for the beautiful spring weather to arrive, is a great time to tackle these tasks. 1) Clean All the Bed Linens – Comforters, duvets, toppers, pillows, bed skirts, bedspreads - everything.  Put washables in the laundry, take the rest to your dry cleaner. Replace worn pillows as needed. 2) Flip your Mattress – If you have a conventional mattress, flipping it a couple of times a year will make it last longer by making it wear more evenly. Vacuum it while you’re at it. 3) Reorganize your linen closet – Your linen closet can easily get to be a disorganized mess, with people constantly taking towels and things in and out of it.  Time to take everything out and tidy it up! Remove everything, refold towels as needed, rotate less-used items to the front, throw anything that needs cleaning in the laundry. 4) Replace the filter in your heating system – You’re most of the way through the winter, but there’s still time for a good snowstorm (if you live in the colder states.) This is a good time to replace your heating filter to ensure your system is operating at its most efficient. 5) Clean your bookshelves – Bookshelves are an oft-neglected dust magnets! Take everything off the shelves, one shelf at a time. Clean and dust the shelf, then replace your books and knick-knacks, cleaning and dusting each before you put them back. If you're in NYC need professional cleaning services, NY Brite can help! We offer flexible scheduling for regular cleaning services and can also a one-time "deep cleaning" to leave your NYC home or apartment looking its best. Call us for a free quote from our cleaning experts!