5 Reasons To Hire A Cleaning Company When You Move

Posted by NYBMain 02/07/2020
Our friends at Serenity Movers give us five reasons to hire a cleaning company when you move. Moving into NYC is exhausting. There are so many details to think about and so much to do. Even if your favorite NYC moving company carry your belongings out to their truck and unload them at your new place, you still have to clean your old apartment. But wait. Do you? Think about how wonderful your move could be if you hired a New York cleaning company to come in after the furniture and boxes were removed. You could wash your hands of the place and go enjoy putting your new home in order before you were too tired to enjoy the moment. The following are 5 reasons to hire a cleaning company for your move to help out after your NYC movers are done with their job.

1. Get Your Deposit Back

You paid dearly when you moved into your place. Wouldn’t it be great to get your entire cleaning deposit back? You would have some cash for decorating your new apartment or ordering pizza for your first night in your new digs. Most people are too tired at the end of a move to do a thorough, top-to-bottom cleaning. Let the pros take care of the cleaning for you, and get your deposit back. Even if you were never a boy scout, leaving a place “better than you found it” is an admirable thing to do. It’s incredibly satisfying to leave an apartment in mint condition. It doesn’t matter if you scrubbed the shower yourself; leaving it spotless will impress your landlord.

2. Save Your Energy

You’re still going to have a lot of work to do before you can sleep in your new apartment at the end of your move. You’ll need to set up your bed, put your food in the cabinets, and unpack your toiletries. Save your energy for all of these tasks by hiring a cleaning company to clean your old apartment.

3. Save Time

It can take all day long to clean up after you move. Some people even have to take a day off of work following the actual moving day in order to get everything cleaned up before they turn in their keys. Your time is more productively spent at work, so turn the job over to the professionals, and move on. Your moving company in NYC will take care of the heavy lifting. Why not get professionals to save you from spending time cleaning?

4. Reduce Your Stress

Like we said earlier, moving is stressful. Your NYC Moving Checklist is long, and you probably don’t have a lot of extra time to spend on your move. Don’t let cleaning become one more stress during your move. Most people are surprised at how affordable professional cleaning can be. These professionals work in teams, they know all the tricks of their trade. They’re happy to work for you on a one-time basis.

5. Play It Safe

Sometimes people actually cause damage to their apartments while they’re cleaning before they move out. For instance, one zealous cleaner wanted to get her stove top spotless, but the old dried-on food just wasn’t coming up. She used a steel wool pad in an attempt to be extra aggressive, and she scraped the enamel right off the stove, which resulted in a painful deduction from her cleaning deposit. She would have been better off leaving the cleaning to professionals. It’s also important to note if you are moving with children in NYC, you should try and keep your new apartment clean. So you could spend your time cleaning your apartment after you move out Or you could get together with your friends at your favorite restaurant and celebrate the big change in your life. It’s up to you!

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