5 Tips to Make Your Home Ready for Holiday Guests

Posted by NYBMain 12/03/2020
Dinner party for holiday guestsThe holidays are a time for food, family and fun. If you'll be entertaining this holiday season, whether it's just for a few hours or if you'll be having people stay over, you'll want to have your home looking its very best for your guests! Here are 5 timely tips from the cleaning pros at NY Brite:

First impressions are important

Going in and out several times a day, you probably take the entrance to your home for granted. But to your guests, this is the first impression they'll have of your home and something they'll notice and remember! Make believe you're a visitor to your home - walk up to your door, stand there and look around for a few seconds, then step inside. What do you see? Some things you may want to check:
  • If you have a porch, sweep it clear of debris. Shake out your doormat or buy a new one. Remove or replace dead plants.
  • Give your entrance door a good inspection. Does the face of the door need cleaning? How about the door handle or doorknob? If your door has windows, are they clean? What about window treatments?
  • Once inside, give everything in immediate view a once-over. Clean up any visible clutter, make sure your entrance area is sparkling clean.
As they say, you never get a second chance to make a first impression!

Beware of unpleasant odors

Just like we rarely look at our own front door, we also tend to get accustomed to household smells - sometimes including the not-so-pleasant ones. Instead of covering things with air freshener:
  • Make sure linens and upholstery are clean
  • If you have dogs, this may be a good time to give them a bath. If you have a cat, clean and scrub the litter box and fill it with fresh sand.
  • Scrub trash cans, put a teaspoon or two of baking soda or some lemon peel in your garbage disposal and run it for a few minutes.

Kitchen cleanup - go above and beyond

These days, the kitchen is the heart of most homes and the place where everyone tends to gather and hang out. This is true even if you have company over. If you're cooking, you're likely to remember to wipe down your stove, sink and countertops, but here are some other areas you might miss:
  • Look up - make sure light fixtures, ceiling fans and the ceiling itself are clean and free of dust and cobwebs.
  • How is your kitchen floor looking? Give it a good cleaning, shake out any area rugs
  • Look at any items out in the open on shelves, windowsills or hanging on walls - does anything need to be dusted or polished?

Don't forget the bathroom!

Not anyone's favorite task, but your guests are sure to take notice of your bathroom. Make sure everything is sparkling clean, wipe down the shower door, empty the trash can, put out fresh soap and guest towels.

Hire some help

Too busy? Too much to clean in too little time? Hire a cleaning service. Ask about a one-time heavy duty house cleaning for your home - a one-time NYC deep cleaning service to get everything on track and looking its best. Whatever you do to prepare for your guests, don't forget to RELAX and enjoy your holidays!
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