Clean Like The Pros: Everyday Products That Get The Job Done Right!

Posted by NYBMain 06/28/2021

Green cleaning productsYou may think a professional New York cleaning service like NY Brite has a stockpile of exotic, top-secret cleaning products we use to get superior results.  Actually, our favorite products are simple, everyday cleaners you can readily buy or may already have.

In over 20 years as professional cleaners, we’ve found that not only are these products highly  effective, they’re environmentally friendly, safer for your family and your pets, and their affordable pricing helps us keep our prices competitive in a city where it sometimes seems the sky’s the limit on cleaning fees!

Here are 6 products you may be surprised to learn are among our top picks in their respective categories:

Floor Cleanup: Swiffer Sweepers

One of the best inventions in recent decades, the convenient and easy-to-use Swiffer sweepers and mops make quick floor cleanup a snap.  They're perfect for fast touchup cleaning of dust and debris. Great for picking up pet hair “tumbleweeds too.” Tip: Don’t skimp on refills – the cheap ones aren’t nearly as good as the original Swiffer brand.

Bathrooms: Method Cleaners

Made by the “The People Against Dirty”, Method cleaners are effective and non-toxic – they’re all good, we especially like their bathroom cleaners. They feature special botanical formulations for different types of surfaces, like tile, granite, showers, glass, and more.

Furniture: Pledge Furniture Polish

Pledge has been around for at least half a century - your grandmother probably used it to clean and polish her furniture – and it’s still the best. In addition to the original product, Pledge’s product line now includes anti-allergen and antibacterial polishes in several fragrances

Stain Removal: Mr Clean Magic Eraser

From crayon on walls to grubby switchplates, the mighty little magic eraser works wonders at tackling tough stains and grime in every room of your home. Gentle on surfaces too.  We wouldn’t be without these!

Ovens: Easy Off Oven Cleaner

Nobody enjoys cleaning the oven, but Easy Off’s  heavy duty oven cleaner makes the job relatively quick and painless.  It works on warm or cold ovens in just 5 minutes – dissolving grease and baked on food spills. You can also use it to spot clean.

Kitchens and Multi Surface: Mrs Meyers Everyday Cleaners

We love these! These multi-surface cleaners are made from plant products and natural oils, and come in tantalizing fragrances like Basil and Honeysuckle. They are safe, biodegradeable, and made without testing on animals. A little more difficult to find, but well worth the effort.

You can now buy cleaning products recommended by NY Brite right from this web site! Learn more about these and other products, or purchase them online and have them delivered right to your door – see all of our recommended cleaning products.