Freshen Up Your Home for Spring – On a Budget!

Posted by NYBMain 04/03/2019
Pretty vase of Spring tulipsSpring has just arrived. Oh sure – there may still be some chilly days here and there, but the flowers are blooming and the trees are green. What better time to freshen up the look of your home! Here are 5 tips for sprucing up your living space without breaking your budget: Declutter – We don’t know why this is, but clutter seems to build up more in the winter than at any other time of year. This is a good time to tackle it. Sort through piles of papers, organize closets, and put things that you’re not using away in a closet, drawer, file cabinet or storage bin. Add some new plants – Time for a trip to your favorite plant store. A touch of fresh greenery always says “Spring is here.” Treat yourself to a few fresh new house plants and some attractive containers for them. If you have pets, make sure what you buy is pet-friendly! Spider plants, Boston ferns, “Hen and chicks”, African Violets, Soleirolia (“baby tears”), Prayer plants, Cast Iron plants, Friendship plants, Haworthia, and Areca or Parlor palms are popular choices that are safe for both kids and pets. Add touches of accent color - While you’re out shopping, look for some bright new accent décor in a color like coral, yellow, spring green, or your favorite pastels. Small touches like a brightly-colored vase or a couple of accent pillows will really “pop” – especially in a room that’s mostly neutral in color. Floral Linens – Swap those flannel sheets for new ones with a bright floral print. Floral curtains or a floral tablecloth will also add a touch of spring to your home. Paint baseboards and trim – Cleaning your baseboards and window trim regularly will go a long way towards keeping them looking great but over time the paint will become dull. Painting trim is a much smaller project than painting the entire room – you can paint section by section as your time permits. If it’s been a while since you’ve painted, you’ll be surprised at how much this one little thing can brighten up the appearance of a room! If you’re in New York City and could use a little help with your Spring cleaning, call NY Brite for a free estimate. NY Brite offers flexible cleaning plans as well as one-time “deep cleaning” services, all at reasonable rates. With over 31 years of experience and hundreds of happy customers, you can feel comfortable leaving this boring task in our hands - freeing up hours of your precious time.