5 Tips for Getting Your Kids to Help With Chores

Posted by NYBMain 09/16/2020
Mom and daughter cleaning togetherEven if you have a cleaning service for your home, there are lots of daily and weekly chores that need to be done between cleanings.  Helping with family chores teaches children responsibility and builds good habits they’ll need later in life. There are many tasks that they can help, with even from an early age. If you approach it with a positive attitude, you can easily encourage your kids to pitch in and help keep your home clean and orderly. Here are a few tips for gently introducing your kids to helping out with household chores. 1) Make sure chores are age-appropriate - Don't ask your kids to take on a task that's too difficult for their age level.  Preschoolers can do easy chores like put dirty clothing in a hamper, pick up their toys, carry small items in the trash or bring things to you. Early grade schoolers can sort laundry, unpack groceries, set the table, while their older siblings can learn to wash dishes, sweep floors, put away laundry, clean their own room, and many other things. 2) Make it easy - Breaking chores down into smaller tasks at first makes them easier to do.   And remember when it comes to kids and chores “done is better than perfect.”  They’ll do better with practice. 3) Do it together - Make chores a family activity by doing them with your child.  This gives you one-on-one time with your child and makes the chores seem less overwhelming to them. You don't need to be doing the same thing - for example your child may be picking up their toys and putting them away while you fold clothing. Bonus – you’re right there to teach them how to do it right! 4) Make it fun – Chores don’t have to be serious. Make it a game! Have a race, put on music, dance, be silly. Play with your kids while doing chores. 5) Appreciate them for trying - There’s a saying “reinforce the behavior you want.” If you want kids who are eager to help, then always, ALWAYS acknowledge effort, even if they didn't do the task perfectly. Don’t make a big deal if they forget to do something or make mistakes. Nothing will make a child less eager to help out around the house than being criticized for every attempt!  Remember - they're just kids, they'll learn. Be especially generous with appreciation if they do a chore (or try to do a chore) without being asked.
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